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Save the Bees! Educational Coloring Book on 100% Recycled Cardstock  created by Karen Kliethermes

Save the Bees! is an educational coloring book for teens and adults, created to bring awareness to our threatened bee populations. With masses of both native and honeybees increasingly dying off every year, the survival of many species (including humans) are at risk across the globe. The production of the majority of our food is thanks to the pollination of countless hardworking bees, and many of our human practices are sabotaging their survival.

But, there is hope! This coloring book provides many of ideas as to how you, an individual, can contribute to this large-scale problem. Not only will you get to learn how you can help the bees with this coloring book, you will also extensively learn about the science behind the wonder of bees. Have fun, relax, and meditate as you color each of the 32 pages, and delve into the extraordinary world of bees!

Each coloring book is hand-assembled with care, and printed on thick 100% recycled cardstock to withstand a wide variety of coloring materials. With every purchase, Karen will donate 10% of each coloring book purchase to promising bee research at Washington State University! (For more information or to donate directly to this research, visit:

Writing, illustration, design, and product assembly by Colorado artist, Karen Kliethermes

"Save The Bees!" Coloring Book

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