Animal Essence Oracle Cards: Mammals Deck

For centuries, humans have interpreted animals as colorful characters that fulfill meaningful, symbolic archetypes. We can learn from the essence of animals by observing their way of life and applying those lessons to our own realities. This deck of 44 oracle cards is intended to assist you by expressing the benevolent messages of animal essences, specifically that of mammals. Whether you may be having imbalances in your work, health, relationships, lifestyle, etc., the animals are here to help you. Allow the powers of the universe to bring the most perfect, timely message to you with each card pick from this deck. The included guidebook provides a detailed meaning for each card and can lead you through how to use this deck. 

Writing, Artwork, Design by Karen Kliethermes

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Card Deck Display A
Card Deck Display A

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Card Deck Display B

Card Deck Back
Card Deck Back

Card Deck Display A
Card Deck Display A


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